Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC

(thoughts on the game) “It was a tough game with a team that has been playing very well away. We knew that from the beginning; they were very organized and came with a 4-1-4-1 formation which was very solid. We started off well with intensity, creating options. Despite that we scored, I think there were too many fouls called. I didn’t like the fact that too many fouls were called and some were fouls but some others were clear it wasn’t a foul. But it was the way the game went. At the end, they came with a set piece in the 85th minute with a foul. It wasn’t a foul, we all know that, but it’s just too many fouls. Anyway, that’s part of the game, it’s not an excuse. They were good. They create problems, especially on set pieces, they were strong, tall guys. But I think we had a good game, solid game, defensively we were good. We created options, we created, we have to try to capitalize on those options better, but it was obvious after the effort the guys had after Orlando, we were playing off a little bit with (FW) Alberth (Elis), (FW) Romell (Quioto) and (FW) Mauro (Manotas). They were tired. The amount of sprints they did against Orlando was too much. Today they felt it. We’re going to see what’s happened with Alberth, I wanted to take him off earlier just to avoid any kind of problems.”

(on the team’s home record) “I like the mentality. We have a winning mentality when we go out on the field. The players have been improving game by game. Improving doesn’t mean we have to score four, five, six, seven goals every time. Improving means you see on the field that they want to go forward and they’re solid, it’s not easy to penetrate in the back and when we create options, we are dangerous. That’s important for us.”

(on whether opposing teams will begin to foul the Dynamo to frustrate the team as a strategy) “I don’t think it was a strategy. In fairness, it was some for them or a lot for us. Of course, I am the Houston Dynamo coach, so I only pay attention to what affects me or my players. I know (Vancouver head coach) Carl (Robinson) is a great coach and a great guy. I imagine he was a little frustrated with the game, that it went that way. Again, too many fouls, some of them in my opinion, they weren’t. But we conceded too many in that aspect, so that’s something that hopefully that is something we can fix. We’re going to fix that, review that and try to avoid those situations.”

(on the play of the forwards and rotating them) “It’s a little bit of everything. It’s a good internal competition internally. After a 4-0 where everyone scored up front and everyone wants to keep playing. (FW) Erick (Torres) knew that and he accepted that. Even though he had seven goals and was one of the top scores in MLS, he knows he has to wait until the game opens and the opportunity comes for him. Right now, we need to keep consistency with that internal competition because that’s helping us to score goals and to create a lot of possibilities going forward for our team. (FW) Andrew (Wenger) went in today and he did very well and created options, he passed the ball, made some crosses, so that’s very positive. I think it’s showing the mentality of the players, that they want to help the team with their responsibilities.”

(on why FW Erick Torres got up to warm up early in the game) “Yes. (FW) Alberth (Elis) started to touch (his leg). When a player starts to touch his hamstring, leg and stretching, something has gone wrong. You don’t stretch normally, so when you start touching right there, we noticed, and ‘OK Erick, go  start warming up,’ and that’s why.”

(on the play of the center backs and team defending) “We are improving in our defense despite that today we received a goal. It was a set piece goal. It’s not easy for anyone to be penetrating and create options in front of the go