Erick Torres | Postgame at Atlanta United FC

On the tough loss:

“We are sadden because of the outcome. We did a good first half and on the second half the dropped the intensity. It hurts because we are the ones who made the mistakes, the team was playing well. It wasn’t as if they dominated us or that they pressed us. At the end, they are the ones who were able to finish the plays and we made mistakes that cost us. We leave with tough loss.”

On the takeaways from this game:

“We have to keep improving. We have to improve in the defense and in the offense, we have to prepare well this week. We are going to have a long week. We have an important game against FC Dallas, we know that for Texas fans this is a derby game. We have to prepare well. We have to work hard, there is no other way but to work and improve in the areas we have been lacking. Hopefully against FC Dallas we can have a good game on the road.”

On the difference he made when FW Romell Quioto and him came in:

“That was the plan, to try to  stop our opponents offense. I think, we did a good job both (FW) Romell (Quioto) and I. At the end, we can’t make a difference. They scored on key moments, they scored when the team was getting better and that brought us down. At the end, I get to score, I am contempt but not satisfied nor happy because we can’t get the win.”

On changing the mindset:

“We have to turn the page. The whole team starting tomorrow has to be thinking on Sunday’s game, we have to be focus on Dallas. We have to have to turn the page. We have a lot of players with a lot of experience, we have players that undoubtedly know what’s at stake on Sunday. As I said, we have to turn the page, start thinking about the next game and work hard this week.”