Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. Real Salt Lake

(on his take on the match) “I liked the way the team started off, with the mentality. We spoke about being more collective up front, with the three forwards, and today it was very good. Watching (FW) Mauro (Manotas), (FW) Alberth (Elis) and (FW) Erick (Torres) combining, crossing, passing, and being more dangerous – actually, the first goal came from Mauro, he tried to cross the ball to Alberth, and it was an owl goal. Then, the combination for the second goal was excellent, as well as the third goal. We created good opportunities for (MF) Alex (Lima). It was much better in those aspects. We were clinical, especially in the first half, with our finishing, which we needed. We’re really happy with the three points, because it reinforces what we did on Sunday against FC Dallas.”

(on the team taking extra confidence from the result in Dallas) “No, no, no. I was making sure that we don’t have extra confidence. We cannot have extra confidence, because too much is not good. We need to be always watching our opponents with a lot of respect, and we respect the rival. They’re very good, they’re very dangerous, they’re a team that moves the ball well, and they have very dangerous players up front. We needed to be sure that we were solid in the back, and we knew that today we needed to produce more. Today, the goal was to be a little bit more collective up front, more than individual players. They all like to score, but it’s easier when we all pass the ball to each other. If you score, then I’m going to pass the ball to you so you can help me score, and so on. And, it worked. It worked today, and it has to help us for the future.”

(on applying today’s result to the game against Seattle) “We just started the recovery. It was humid; it was very humid for all 22 players, and we felt it. So, we need to start the recovery, we need to start resting, and we need to prepare mentally to go to Seattle with a very tough game, understanding that Seattle played tonight also. They rested some players, it’s going to be a tough game, because they’re at home, and they’re always tough and good at home.”

(on the team being first in the Western Conference) “It’s what they’ve been doing on the field. It’s what we’ve been doing on the field. We don’t say anything. We just need to put things on the field and let those results speak for us.”

(on the upcoming international break) “Yes, it’s an international, FIFA break. Already, today, we lost (DF) DaMarcus (Beasley), and all the teams in MLS, they have national team players that have been called up. The other ones, the Hondurans and Panamanians in our team, they’re going to be able to perform on Sunday, and then they go back. So, it’s going to be fine. We need to just continue working and if we don’t have someone, we have to send the next one that is available. He has to be in a good mental condition to replace the next one. It’s been working very well, but I think right now, we are more solid in all aspects. We know each other much better, day by day, game by game, and that is giving us more confidence.”

(sobre el desempeno del mediocampo y la defensa)”Me gusto mucho. Los muchachos estan molestos por el gol que recibieron y es normal. El partido estaba bien controlado pero bueno, tienen calidad al frente y (Joao) Plata de tiro libre – es un excelente gol. No podiamos hacer nada ante eso. Pero en jugada de pelota, en movimiento, estuvimos muy solido, la defensa estuvo mas solida. Los cuatro, Dylan (Remick) estuvo solido, bien y eso esta importante ademas del trabajo de Ricardo (Clark) y de Juan David (Cabezas) viene siendo mas constante y eso nos da mucha confianza”.

(sobre el cambio de ritmo jugando como local, comparado a jugando como visitante) “Estamos en proceso de construir e