Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. FC Dallas

(on the game overall) “I think it was a very tough game, a very good game. A tough night in terms of weather. It was hot and humid for everyone. Two good teams on the field, we went for the three points. I think they are a good team that always play to win, in any stadium, in any city. I think I’m really happy for the performance and the mentality of my team. I’m proud of them because we went for the win throughout the 90 minutes. They gave it all. The sad part for me was with the referee. I am in disagreement with him, and with the calls. Anywhere in the world, for me, that foul from (FC Dallas DF) Maynor Figueroa, it’s a yellow card all over. And the tackle from (FC Dallas MF) Michael Barrios, it’s a red card. He (the referee) didn’t even leave the midfield. So, for me, that’s the disappointing thing, because he wasn’t up for the game. But, listen, for me it was a bad day for him. All the 22 players on the field, everyone on the field, and even the subs, came in with a good mentality, came in with good ideas. After they tied, we went after the goal and we created and had some options. Today wasn’t the day for us to put the ball in the net, sadly, but the mentality was good and we finished the game pushing, trying to look for the goal.”

(on the back line playing deep after halftime) “No, it’s not like they went creating too many options. I think it’s just that option, and it went in off a deflection. But the team was very good, against one of the top teams in this league. They got a goal, I think it was a deflection between (Dynamo DF) Leonardo’s legs, when he went to tackle, but we have to see the bigger picture here. Overall, individually, our players, they were good. The performance was good. The intensity, the mentality, and we never quit trying to win the game. We finished by trying to push and find the goal. We have some good options, we had some attacking, some crosses… but they defended well, and it’s a credit for them, how they defended in the second half. We have to continue pushing; it’s not going to be easy, but overall this team has been strong. We have been showing that we play even with any team in this league, away or at home. But today was one of those games that you have to tie because the other team defended well. It’s fine. As soon as we don’t lose, and we continue to look forward and to attack, we have to be pleased and understand that this is soccer.”

(on whether his substitutes matched Dallas’ subs) “No, just us thinking. We knew that (Dynamo FW) Romell (Quioto) is coming from long periods of injury. He was trying to do his best, he had a good game, and I said, ‘Try to do 50 minutes, then (Dynamo FW) Alberth (Elis) is going to go in.’ We did the same thing with Alex. (Dynamo MF) Oscar (Boniek Garcia) was very good until the 70th minute, and then Alex had the chance to go in and he did very well. It was a good effort. The last substitution was (Dynamo MF) Vicente (Sanchez), we took the risk, we took one of the two defensive midfielders, in this case we took (Dynamo MF) Ricardo (Clark), in the 80th minute, Vicente was trying to look for that opportunity, creating chances, and it was good.” 

(on Dallas tiring at the end) “I don’t know the fitness side of them, but I know we, of course at home, wanted to go for the second goal. The guys had that mentality, they made that effort, they pushed, and with our subs, we created and took the ball and tried to find the second goal. We couldn’t, but we were on top of that.”

(on starting MF Boniek Garcia instead of MF Alex) “Alex has been having good games, but the last three or four games he hasn’t been as effective. Every time Oscar (Boniek Garcia) went in he was very effective, so that’s an easy decision. Against the LA Galaxy, Alex, in the first half, wasn’t as effective for us, and Oscar went in and was ex