Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. Montreal Impact

(on the outcome of the game) “We started off very well. Of course, it’s a dream (start), two minutes into the game and you score your first goal. When (FW) Andrew (Wenger) had the chance and Andrew is becoming stronger every time, it’s his opportunity and he’s taking advantage of that opportunity, and he is proving why he has been patient, but also, he is giving us results right now. He was positive today. In the first half, we should have scored more goals. We needed to be more clinical in our finishing because we have good chances to go even with three or four goals at halftime. Anyway, Montreal is a very talented team, with very talented players, but I believe we recovered our confidence and our tenacity, our tactical movements defensively, and we improved. I am sad because of the goal they scored at the end; of course we made a lot of changes, we had a chance to bring the young guys, at one point. It was very good for (MF) Memo Rodriguez to score his first (MLS) goal as a professional, and he’s been doing really well so far. (MF) Joe Holland went in, and (MF) Jose Escalante went in, so it was the moment for the young ones, and they responded. They worked hard, and we won with a good level. We showed a good level, and good temperament. We showed good movements off the ball. I think (MF) Alex had a wonderful game today. I really appreciated the work (FW) Erick Torres did today because it’s not easy when a player knows that he’s going to the national team in the morning. It’s not easy for him to play, but he made the effort, he worked, and he helped us to create possibilities for the team.”

(on if Saturday’s result was still lingering in the locker room) “The confidence was down Saturday and that finished Sunday.”

(on what he expects from the younger players) “That they continue that dynamic, that they’re hungry to score goals, create possibilities and that they’re dangerous. I expect no less of what they have done today and what they’re doing so far. That’s why they’re part of the team; that’s why they’ve been pushing hard and playing a lot of minutes.”

(on FW Erick Torres’ call up to the national team) “I think for any kind of player, who has been doing very well, and then for two years, everything went in the wrong or the opposite direction, when you have this chance and these opportunities to come back, it’s a big deal. So, in this case, for him, it’s a big deal. We are happy as a team and as a club, we are happy for him, because he has earned the right to be there, for what he has done so far, this year on the field. No one has given anything to him, and it’s not easy to be called for the Mexican National Team, and if he got that call it’s because he has scored 12 goals so far, and has been important for us.”

(on having a different level of expectation when playing at home) “I don’t think we are intimidated when we go away, to be honest with you. I spoke with the players, and they recognize right now that we had a really bad day, Saturday, against the Colorado Rapids. But, if we go back, when we played in Seattle, in Dallas, in Los Angeles, we were solid and we were good. We were even with those top teams, because they’re very tough and very good at home, and we played even. And, in LA, we lost the possibility to bring the three points home with an offside goal. With Dallas, we tied zero-zero, and with Seattle Sounders, they beat us one-zero with a cross that happened right there, but we created even more chances than them. It’s not that we aren’t confident or we are in panic button when we play away. It’s just that we need to recognize that we have been improved so far. But, yes, we had a really bad day, all of us, on Saturday against the Colorado Rapids. But, today, four days later, we have the opportunity to come back to our Houston way to play soccer, at home, and it was po