Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. Portland Timbers

(on his overall thoughts on the match) “Yes, it was a tough game. It was a good contender. We knew that. We knew that the Portland Timbers have very talented team, individually very talented players. Strong, very good, and we were unlucky that they kept the team healthy. They just recovered, everyone, and they were good today, especially in the first half. In the first half, they capitalized two options really quick, and they were good in creating those and punishing us. Something that it’s the first time for, our team, facing this type of situation. On the other hand, we weren’t as sharp as we’re used to being. We weren’t as clear with the ball, we weren’t creating those attacks that were creating chaos in the defense as often, but I have to give a lot of credit to the players, because they fought. They fought a lot and the team was able to come back. Every time we were losing, we came back. Everyone did a very good job. It’s double effort, when you’re losing at home. You have to make double effort because you have to take risks, but also you have to be careful with defending and be careful with a team that is very good in the counterattack. They have a lot of speed, they have very good players and they made subs, they were fresh and dangerous. But overall, I think it’s a good, even result. A good, tough, even game. The guys are really tired, but they felt like we came back in the right moments and with the subs, we tried to give some fresh legs and good moments, we created some options but in the end I think it’s a fair result.”

(on trailing at halftime at home) “We never panicked. We never panic. The guys were calm, we were calm, we were calm because we knew that we have the good mentality to go after them. We needed to do it so, it just organized ourselves a little bit because they were finding some spots behind our midfielders, and they were moving the ball really well and we were getting punished. So, we tried to fix that, and we fixed that, and we called in some subs because of the heat and for us, it’s not like we come here and play one game. We live in the heat so we practice in the heat, because we have to, so we knew that at some point we needed to bring fresh legs, fresh guys, and they were helping us to create, to balance, and it was good the way (MF) Memo (Rodriguez) went in, in that position. It’s fairly new for him in the sense that it’s the first time we have put him there, but it was good because he played with a lot of energy, and was trying to create and receive the ball behind their defensive midfielders, he received a lot of fouls and we have the possibilities to find the goal with (MF) Juan David (Cabezas) after taking a free kick.”

(on the disallowed third goal for Portland) “That was a goal that, it’s a 50/50 ball, and (GK) Tyler (Deric) went for the ball, but it was clear for us that they passed the ball forward, and he was the only one, but I think that even helped us continue to pay attention to be sure. We needed to come and attack. When you’re at home, you cannot be defending. You have to attack, you have to bring the lines up in the field, and that’s the risk you have to take. We took the risks, but it was a good call, a fair call, and we never decided to just drop back. We continued pushing and we found the possibilities to score the second goal.”

(on FW Romell Quioto having the energy as a sub ) “It’s difficult for a lot of them it would be good for (FW) Alberth (Elis), (FW ) Erick (Torres) just to come back and play a better way. We need them but it’s different how their national teams train, they all work differently and because of that we need to be sure we take care of them. We don’t want to lose them, we want them to be motivated, we want them to be happy, we want to use them at their best, so that’s why we are trying to give them enough time. Erick is our toughest runner, so not having 12 goals through the