A.J. DeLaGarza | Postgame vs. San Jose Earthquakes

(on being in first place) “That’s big this point in the season, kind of to separate at least a little bit from those teams that are near the line. Every game from here on out is going to be massive. Another one next week with a team that is right under us in Vancouver, we’ve got to get a result out there. But today we did well defensively, I thought. We had tons of chances and didn’t finish a lot, but we still finished three. I think we made things a little harder on ourselves in the second half.”

(on team’s response to missing the penalty kick) “That obviously would’ve been big, and the red card being brought back to a yellow. They had a chance to tie it up I think as well and missed wide. We’ve got to finish those; it’s simple as that. And all the other chances, when we have one on one with the keeper or whatnot we have to make him make a save or something. Like I said, we hurt ourselves today by not finishing our chances and then when we got possession of the ball we gave it right back to them and they were right back down our throat. It was a tough day defensively.”

(on two consecutive clean sheets) “Just everyone being on the same page, we have what it takes. I don’t know how many shots they had on goal today. Maybe one or two? Zero shots on goal last week. We’re getting in a rhythm, we’re all on the same page and we are still learning about one another and our tendencies. We’re at the latter part of the season now I guess things are clicking.”

(on MF Tomas Martinez debut) “He likes to get on the ball and make things happen, I’m sure he would have liked to keep possession a little bit more. Our entire front four probably. But yeah, it’s tough his first game first appearance, I’m sure he had the jitters a little bit. But obviously, he’s a very good player, he’ll settle well into the club and into the league.”