Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. San Jose Earthquakes

(on the match) “We spoke with the players about this game being really difficult, (the) San Jose Earthquakes are a very tough team. We played against them a few months ago, and also the way they have been playing with a new coach and getting stronger and stronger. So, today wasn’t different. Guys were focused, guys played with tenacity; we came back to what the Houston Dynamo are. You know, a team that goes forward and attacks, creates problems, and it was very excited. We create some options. We had the possibilities to score and we had the possibilities to create more goals. San Jose was good, when they had the ball they moved the ball. They were dangerous, they have skillful players, players with good experience. The work that they did defensively was outstanding. Then in the second half we had the opportunity to score right away with a PK; sadly we missed that. So it was like a little bit of motivation for them, of course. That happens to anyone when you are 1-0 down and the home team misses a PK. That’s a motivation for the opponent no matter. And they tried a few things, they had one or two chances where they could have tied the game. I think the changes, the substitutions where good timing. And they were positive, because, we had the possibilities to create and score two more goals. That is rewarding for everyone and the job they were doing on the field.”

(on the Dynamo being back to what they do best) “I think the last game we had at home against Portland it was a little difficult because we didn’t have the guys as sharp as we had them today. We needed time to come back and create that possibility for everyone. But it was positive and it was good. It’s just a matter of getting together, having the guys fresh, working together again and going to the field to do what we know how to do it.”

(on being tied for first place after such a difficult season last year) “Right now we’re thinking about our home games; right now the priority for us is this game against the San Jose Earthquakes because they are another contender for the playoffs and we were at home. We needed these three points at home, we aren’t thinking about our position, we are just thinking that our goal is to be in the playoffs and taking this team back to the playoffs where they deserve to be and we are working game by game with that objective.”

(on MF Tomas Martinez making his debut) “I like his mentality, I like the way he way moves. He was all over the place and he wants the ball. I like that and he has personality, it's tough because he hasn't been playing for a while but that's why he needed to be on the field. It went well and at the end he had one assist to (FW) Vicente Sanchez, so he is going to be very important for this team, he is going to be good. Right away everyone was passing the ball to him and he was looking for the ball every time and that shows confidence and that shows that he wants to be involved and the players give him the confidence back.”

(on his thoughts on FW Alberth Elis coming back from the Gold Cup) “Alberth and (FW) Romell Quioto had a lot of work throughout the Gold Cup and for them they needed to come back. I spoke to them and the idea wasn't just to overload them with a lot of games and minutes because that is not what they needed. The idea was to work with the whole staff and with full confidence in our conditioning coach to give them a little bit of rest to relax and to take the pressure off them and give them the possibility to recover and be ready. Alberth is doing very well, we needed him, we needed Romell and today they were pushing, they were working, they were creating options, they were running, they were making those runs and they were dangerous. Alberth was rewarded with a goal and an assist and that is why it is so important for us to have them fresh and with that mentality.”

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