Philippe Senderos | Postgame vs. Colorado Rapids

(on making his MLS debut) “I was very happy to be out there fighting for the Houston Dynamo and for the city as well; we knew the people have had a tough time in the last few weeks. It was good to be out there for them tonight, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be tonight.”

(on the physicality of MLS meeting his expectations) “It was a good level. I feel we did okay, we were comfortable. We didn’t get the breaks, unfortunately, at the end as you can see. Personally it was good. We felt good in the back, that’s all I can say about that.”

(on the communication of the back line) “I think it went okay. I didn’t think that we had many opportunities where we weren’t in place. I thought we were well organized, it was just a problem that we couldn’t put the ball in the net and we didn’t manage to do that. It’s unfortunate that at the end as you can see. I thought we were well organized, we just didn’t move the ball quick enough and didn’t create enough chances.”