Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. Colorado Rapids

(on his overall thoughts on the game) “The game was as we expected. They were waiting; they were defending. We had the ball, we had the space and the field, but we weren’t sharp today. When you’re not sharp, you have to keep the organization, you have to keep the discipline and you have to push. The guys fell a lot and wasted time. I have to leave the stadium today just comfortable, at peace with myself and at peace with the players because they fought and they tried. We weren’t sharp but we tried; when you do that, sometimes you are going to win and sometimes you are going to lose and sometimes you are going to tie. In the 98th minute they found a counter attack, they found a rebound and it’s the end of that situation. We weren’t losing at home and now we have to keep our heads up and think about San Jose because there’s no time to mourn. We have to move on and we have to get better. Hopefully we don’t repeat these types of games where we cannot connect and we cannot create as we normally do, but we have to move on.”

(on if he is disappointed over Colorado’s win) “If you base it on that, it is disappointing, but any team in MLS is strong and difficult and they’re not different. They were here. They disrupt a lot, they were wasting a lot of time and they were defending trying to find the possibilities. They were defending well they did a good job defending, they did a good job disrupting ourselves when trying to combine, when making little fights here and there and it was contagious and we weren’t sharp. They were sharp defending and we weren’t sharp attacking and combining and creating options. That is a dangerous combination for us. At the end in that situation they found a goal. It was very disappointing with the result, but now we have to move on we cannot be crying and we have to move on. It’s like the hurricane: it came, it almost destroyed the city, but we have to get up and move and clean everything. Try to clean the things we didn’t do well. We didn’t play well as much as we wanted to and sharp as we wanted to; but we fought and in that case I’m with the players. I am supporting the players, I am supporting this team and I know that we tried. We weren’t sharp. Now we have to think about the next game.”

(on any concern regarding the team’s record when it has more possession than its opponent) “The statistics are for you guys, not for us. Every statistic for us is broken, every record is broken. You just told me they haven’t won in like nine games and they won today. That’s the game of soccer; that is our sport. And the statistics? Yes, there’s some numbers but at the end you have to play 90 minutes, otherwise Costa Rica cannot beat the United States in the United States. Things don’t happen like that so you have to play the game and in MLS everything is very even. Even though Colorado has lower points, but it is even and anyone can win anyone can have a good day or anyone can have a bad day and today we didn’t have a good game. They were sharp with defending and found the possibilities to score and they did.”

(on losing to lower ranked teams) “It just happens. We can talk about excuses, but you know what? We haven’t played in like two to three weeks. The guys were traveling. The hurricane, we had to travel and practice away maybe that affected that. We cannot make excuses. We thought we played well, but we didn’t played well. They fought and they found a goal and that’s it. Where they good with possession? No. We had the ball, we weren’t good with our possession because possession without purpose is not good. We had the possession without the possibilities, not great possibilities and that’s the reality. We have to understand that and we have to move on for the next game.”

(sobre el debut de Philippe Senderos) “Estaba bien. Philippe Senderos se veia muy bien con la pelota, organizando, hablando, bien en el aire. Era su debut despues de bastante tiempo y estaba bien. Lamentablemente tuvo un problema muscular asi que