Tyler Deric | Postgame vs. Sporting Kansas City

(on facing the Portland Timbers in the next round) “They have a lot of attacking weapons. They are very quick, very good. We have to be prepared this week for the game on Monday and it is going to be another tough game for us, but if we stay calm, composed and ready to put in the work, I know the guys are ready to do that – so I’m really excited for Monday.”

(on adjusting the backline for Monday’s game) “I felt bad for (DF) Leonardo, he has had a great season all year and he has put in the work all year and he went down – it takes a lot to get that guy off the field. But we were confident when (DF) Jalil (Anibaba) went in there and (DF Adolfo) Machado slid in there. Jalil came in and slid in there against Chicago and did a great job, he came in tonight and did an excellent job; and give credit to Jalil, he wasn’t getting exactly the minutes he wanted this year. But in training he has been mentally tuned in and always has a positive attitude on the field in practice. That just gives credit to the dude, because he mentally wants it; mentally he is ready to help the team and with moments like this you know he is ready to step in.”