Get to know 2018 NWSL Draft pick Veronica Latsko

Get to know Dash third-round NWSL College Draft pick Veronica Latsko. We caught up with the University of Virginia grad to learn everything from what she looks forward to most about joining the Dash to her favorite food and more. Keep reading for the full interview!

What are you looking forward to most about joining the Dash?

I'm really excited to meet the team and play with individuals that will push me to become a better player on the field! Plus I've never been to Houston, so I'm definitely looking forward to exploring the city.

What are you looking forward to most about your first season in the NWSL?

I'm most looking forward to improving my level of play so I can help the team succeed in any way I can. I think the Dash has a lot of very experienced players that I can't wait to learn from this season! 

Favorite food?

I love peanut better! On bread or sweet potatoes, in smoothies or oatmeal, or just by itself, it's pretty much a daily item for me.

We're pet people here on the Dash. Do you have a pet?

Yes, I have the best dog in the world. He is a 130-pound golden retriever and his name is Duke.

We've been following the Winter Olympics - if you could compete in one Winter Olympic sport, what would it be?

Definitely curling since it's probably the only Winter Olympic sport I could do without getting seriously injured and/or dying. But if I were a more coordinated human being, I would do ice hockey. It's one of my favorite sports to watch especially since I come from the best hockey city in the world: Pittsburgh. 

Favorite hobby?

Watching movies! My family loves watching/going to the movies, it's a nice break from running around with school, work and soccer.

Day or night?

Definitely night! I always seem to have more energy later in the day and it's when I'm most productive, which probably explains the number of all-nighters I've done studying for exams.