Maric Training 012820

Marko Marić talks first day of training on Soccer Matters

Marko Marić capped off his first day with the club on Soccer Matters with Glenn Davis on Monday evening and we got a brief introduction to the 24-year-old who arrived in Houston on Saturday.

Maric touched on his time with Rapid Vienna before transitioning to Hoffenheim and eventually MLS. We also gathered a little information that’s more personal to who he is off the field, as well.

Maric is passionate about taking care of his family and his first biggest influence to play soccer -- his dad. 

“My influence was my dad, actually,” Maric said on Soccer Matters. “When I started to play football, I was first a striker – but my big idol was Oliver Kahn and I was watching some of his games and really loved (how he played) so I said to my dad that I wanted to go back to the goal.”

Although Maric has taken some of the aggressive qualities of Kahn into his game, his deep ball presence and organizing the defense are two attributes he uses to describe himself as a “super goalkeeper”. 

Off the field, Marko is like any other guy. He’s a family guy that enjoys church, watching various sports, playing Playstation and has a deep appreciation for coffee. 

“Besides football, I have hobbies like watching NBA, NFL, everything and Playstation,” said Maric. “All this normal stuff. I love espresso, it’s a good coffee. Just simple things, nothing crazy.”

For the full podcast, tune into Soccer Matters here.