Upgrading your experience at BBVA Stadium for a Dynamo game has never been so easy! Simply fill out the information below and you'll be notified when seat upgrades and exclusive in-game experiences become available for upcoming games. Upgrading your seat will get you closer to the action and you only pay the difference in ticket price!

Looking for the best seats in the house? You can also get text updates for tickets to upcoming games and purchase via text. Get started by signing up below.

Where do I go to buy upgrades?

You can sign-up for upgrades by visiting HoustonDynamo.com/upgrades or by downloading the Orange Rewards app. Available for both Apple and Android phones.


Who can upgrade?

 Upgrades are available to any fan attending a Dynamo game. Dynamo fans can upgrade their paper ticket, e-ticket, or Flash Seats ticket.

When are upgrades available?

 Upgrades go live 5 days prior to kickoff of each game and are available until 30 minutes past kickoff. 

How do I access my VIP experience on Gameday?

 Check your upgrade ticket or the confirmation email that was sent to you for instructions on where and when to go for you VIP Experience.

How much do upgrades cost?

 Upgrade pricing will vary based on the location and the value of your original tickets. You only pay the difference between your original seat and upgrade!

How can I find my upgrade ticket?

 Your new seat location will appear on your mobile device once an upgrade is completed and in your Flash Seats account (if you upgrade Flash Seats tickets), they  can also be accessed via a link provided in the email purchase receipt. 

Can I send an upgraded ticket to another person?

 Yes! You can send your ticket to someone else by clicking on the link in your emailed receipt and then selecting "Send" on the ticket you wish to send.

How do I get to my new seat?

 Fans that upgrade their Flash Seats ticket before the game will use their ID or credit card upon entrance to BBVA Stadium to obtain their seat location. Fans that upgrade paper tickets or e-tickets will scan the barcodes (1 per seat) on their mobile tickets upon entrance to BBVA Stadium. Once inside, fans will present the mobile tickets to the attendant on the concourse to gain access to their new seat location.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

 You can call us at 713-276-GOAL (713-276-4625), email us at info@houstondynamo.com or visit the BBVA Stadium Box Office.