Sammy Appiah will be especially useful to Dominic Kinnear for his versatility
Wilf Thome / Houston Dynamo

Dynamo's Sammy Appiah not your typical rookie

On Thursday, the Houston Dynamo officially announced that they have signed midfielder Sammy Appiah to a contract.  The team’s third round draft pick was signed as the team’s fourth developmental player.

“It’s been a good preseason for him,” noted Coach Dominic Kinnear. “Even though we saw him as a guy who played out wide right at the combine, we kind of forced him into that position at times due to lack of numbers. He did some good things on the ball, he’s a nice young man and a great worker, so we’re happy to keep him here.”

Appiah turned 25 years old on Thursday making him older than most rookies entering the league from college. The Obuasi, Ghana native spent four years at Boston University and played in all 78 games for his team during his college career.

“It was a great experience,” said Appiah. “My first year I was adjusting to America when I came here and [I was] getting used to it. That was a little tough. I think my four years, I had fun and had a great time with the guys.  It was like family for me and I had great moments there.”

Appiah was one of the lucky few who just happened to catch the eye of a scout, who was on a recruiting visit to Ghana during Christmas.

As a fellow native of Ghana, Appiah has formed immediate kinship with teammate Dominic Oduro.

“He’s always advising me regarding how to play professionally and how to lead my life,” said Appiah. “He’s a great guy and helping me out a lot and he’s been like a brother to me.”

The midfielder, who appeared in nine of Houston’s eleven preseason games, has had very little difficulty integrating himself into the veteran laden Dynamo locker room.

“It’s easy to fit in here,” said Appiah. “They are great guys and you see them on TV and you think you can’t relate to these guys, but they are all easy going and nice guys and I am really having fun.”

As for which position he sees himself playing, Appiah has no preference and just wants to help out the team however the coaching staff sees fit to utilize him.

As a third round pick, Appiah has tough acts to follow as Danny Cruz, Geoff Cameron, and Corey Ashe have each contributed to the Dynamo despite not being first round draft picks. The midfielder hopes to follow in their footsteps.

“They came in, worked hard and got a spot,” said the Ghana native. “That’s what I am trying to do. Just willing to work hard every day and see what will come out of it.”