Greenstar Recycling

Greenstar Recycling FAQ

The cat's out of the bag: The Dynamo will announce Greenstar Recycling as their official partner and jersey sponsor on Tuesday. Because the name may not be familiar to many fans, here’s some basic information to get you up to speed on Greenstar Recycling:

Q: What is Greenstar Recycling?
A: Greenstar is one of the United States’ recycling leaders. Its North American operations are based in Houston, and it has helped communities across Texas and other parts of the country kick-start recycling programs. Other waste management companies are focused on profiting from landfill or mill business, with recycling a small component of their operations. In comparison, Greenstar is solely dedicated to recycling.

In Texas, Greenstar has helped to increase recycling in Austin (75 percent), San Antonio (200 percent), and Dallas (300 percent). To establish Houston as a leader in recycling, Greenstar has launched the first single-stream recycling services in Houston, a major innovation in recycling for the city.

Company information is available at www.GreenstarRecycling.com.

Q: Where is the company located?
A: Greenstar is based in Houston, with five recycling facilities in Texas that include the largest recycling facility in the state. Greenstar has more than 10,000 other serviced locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Greenstar’s parent company is Ireland-based NTR, one of the world’s leading renewable energy and recycling companies.

Q: What does Greenstar’s presence in Houston consist of?
A: The Houston presence includes Greenstar’s corporate headquarters and its main processing facility, located at 1200 Brittmoore in west Houston. Greenstar recently became the first recycler to launch single-stream recycling services locally. Single-stream allows participants to combine all recyclables into one bin, increasing convenience for participating households and businesses. On December 15, Greenstar Recycling will host the grand opening of its enhanced facility, with Houston Mayor Annise Parker cutting the ceremonial ribbon. The facility upgrades include new technologies to automate the sorting process so that materials come in mixed but end up cleanly separated, baled, and ready for sale as input for new products.

Q: Where did the name, ‘Greenstar’ come from?
A: The name came from Greenstar’s commitment to the environment. The company name serves as a constant reminder that recycling is an important choice, not only because it saves money, but also because it is the right choice for the planet. Purple is Greenstar’s distinctive corporate color, and it represents Greenstar’s passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to recycling in local communities.

Q: How does Greenstar Recycling live up to its green pledge?
A: Greenstar is part of a broader environmental solution to preserve resources, secure energy supplies, and reduce climate change. Greenstar reduces emissions through recycling and helping its customers do the same. By recycling two million tons per year, Greenstar reduces emissions by over six million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (MTCO2E). That is the emissions equivalent of removing more than million cars from the nation's roads each year.

Q: What are the economic benefits of improved recycling services in Houston?
A: Houston will benefit in three ways: new jobs, greater efficiency, and reduced costs:

  1. Jobs: New green-collar jobs will be created as Greenstar’s main facility is upgraded and volumes increase. Instead of being dumped in a landfill, each ton of recycling that is diverted creates new opportunity for value.
  2. Efficiency: Instead of having to pre-sort materials into various bins or take a trip to a recycling center, curbside single-stream programs accept al recyclable materials into one large bin collected at homes or offices.
  3. Costs: Disposal costs are reduced as recyclables are pulled out of the trash.

Q: How can I support Greenstar?
A: According to CEO Matt Delnick, the best way for Dynamo fans to support Greenstar is to “get with your local council or mayor or decision-makers for that entity and push them to recycle.” Fans can also call Greenstar to start a recycling program in an office. Greenstar is supporting Mayor Parker’s Green Office Challenge, a friendly competition to encourage businesses to make Houston a greener place to live and work. Companies can sign up at HoustonGOC.org. Fans can also follow Greenstar Recycling on Twitter via @GreenstarRecycl.

Q: Where can I get the new Dynamo jersey with the Greenstar logo?
A: New jerseys are not yet available in stores, but fans who pre-order jerseys through Soccer-4-All and pay in full get a 10-percent discount on the final price. Full distribution will be available prior to MLS First Kick 2011.