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Canetti's Corner - November 22, 2011

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I was on the flight back from LA yesterday with some mixed emotions: I'm disappointed that we are not bringing the MLS Cup back to Houston, but I am very proud of the season.

Things did not go our way Sunday night. The odds were stacked against us and proved too much to overcome. While we suffered defeat, we showed the world what the Dynamo represent: character, class, dignity, effort, and grit (to name a few). Those are the first things that pop into my head when I think about the game and the team.

The bitterness from the loss does not take away from the wonderful season that landed us our fifth playoff appearance, our fourth trip to a conference final, and our third trip to the MLS Cup final, all in just six seasons.

The atmosphere at the Home Depot Center was electric and a snapshot of what lies ahead for MLS. Adding to it was more than 2,000 Dynamo fans that made the trip and created sections of brilliant orange. Thank you for making the voyage out west.

I heard from many people back in Houston who were at private watch parties at someone's home. Our official team viewing party in Midtown drew more than 1,000 people. There was definitely a terrific buzz around the city, leading up to and around the match. Sadly, it will simmer down a bit as we head into the off-season and the holidays. But surely it will return in less than six months when we re-capture the town with the grand opening of Dynamo Stadium.

I feel fortunate to be a part of the Dynamo. We have a great thing going, and it's only going to get better. Thank you to our players and coaches for being the stars of the show. Thank you to the front office staff for producing and directing the show. Thank you to the fans and sponsors for supporting the show. And thank you to the media for being there to critique it. We are all together as a club.

I ran into an MLS executive at the airport who asked if I had some time off coming. The short answer is no. After last night, I am more motivated than ever to get back to work and get better. In speaking to my staff, they feel the same way.

While there are moments when I want to kick a wall today, I stop and remind myself of all the good stuff that has happened and that is on the horizon. I'll be in touch during the off-season with updates on the club and stadium. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter @chriscanetti.