What is Walker End Houston?

Following a successful grand opening of the adidas Dynamo Team Store at BBVA Compass Stadium, roughly 50 fans gathered at Orange Bar last night to unveil Walker End Houston, the Independent Supporters Association of the Houston Dynamo. Also present at the bar was Dynamo president Chris Canetti and veterans Brian Ching and Brad Davis. Canetti and the players spoke to the fans in attendance, urging them to continue to show their passion, but to do it in a manner that best represents themselves, their groups and the Dynamo organization. Ching and Davis spoke from the heart, telling fans that it is their constant passion and enthusiasm that drives the players for the full 90 minutes and although fans are not out on the field scoring goals, without that passion, the past and future success of the organization would not be possible.

After Canetti, Ching and Davis answered questions from the group, Chris Smink, a Texian Army board member and one of the leaders of Walker End Houston spoke to the group about the new organization. I didn't have a recorder with me and I won't try to paraphrase what Chris said, as that would not do him any justice. However, Ray Escamilla was there with his video camera and I believe he will be putting a video piece together of what was said. Stay tuned to Keeper Notes for more information.

Long story short, I urge all Dynamo fans, whether you are affiliated with an official supporters group or not, to check out Walker End Houston and their official charter. Our supporters have taken tremendous strides in the past year to help grow the Dynamo fan base and this is another positive step in that direction. Here is the link to the Walker End Houston charter. Also, while you are on the site, be sure to voice your opinion or offer constructive feedback in the forum.