Postgame Quotes: Dynamo vs. Philadelphia


Goalkeeper Tally Hall

“The game was kind of the same as what the scouting report said.  Obviously, there was miscommunication on the first [goal]. Their first one was important. To go down in that manner is frustrating, so it’s off to a bad start and it’s hard to recover.  I mean, again, same situation, we go down early in the second half and we’ve got to scramble to make corrections and to find a result and it’s a frustrating game.”

"This is the game that we looked at that needs to be three points. Coming out of here with zero in a tight playoff race, there’s no excuse for how the result went today. We want to be a championship team; we’ve got to beat that team.  With a performance like that, I’d expect the coach to be disappointed.”

"The way we played last week, we were lucky to get three points there. We were going to keep the fight and desire into this week, not taking this team light, any given day in MLS is hard, not a single game that isn’t. We knew their gameplan coming into it.  We’re still in the driver’s seat. Our destiny is in our hands, as the cliché goes.”

Midfielder Brad Davis

“Nobody’s happy. We wanted to come in here, get a win, and that didn’t happen. With four games left, you know, it’s got to come out. Everybody’s got to have the proper head to win this week. You’ve got to have the desire. The coach and teammates, you can only talk so much. It eventually comes down to each individual and putting everything that they have on the field for ninety minutes. That’s what it takes to win. That’s what’s been successful in the past. But we have four games left this year, so we’re still in the mix, so you know, this week, I’m sure, I can pretty much guarantee, is going to be a pretty intense week of training. We need to come out with a much better attitude next week, ready to go.”

“I really thought we were ready to go before the game. The past couple of weeks have been good, playing pretty well. I can’t really explain what went wrong besides a little bit of attitude, a little bit of grit. Not every game’s going to be pretty.”

“The willingness inside to want to play…not every game is going to be pretty. If it’s not pretty, you’ve got to do the dirty work, be willing to get into tackles if you’re a guy that’s not used to getting into tackles. You got to do whatever it takes to win. You can’t assume that your teammate next to you is going to win the ball. You’ve got to do the work to make sure you get out of situations. Having that mentality—whatever it takes to win, whatever it takes to make a play.”

Defender Andre Hainault

“We sort of started on the back foot and we needed to bring the game more to them, and we didn’t do. We made some silly mistakes. We know we’re better than that. We’re better than that and there’s no excuse for that tonight. We’re in a playoff push, of course, so we’re not pointing fingers at anyone else but ourselves, but it’s got to be better than this. There’s not many games left to make up points because we’re not in a good spot.”

“Of course we come into games and we see how they roll. We always come into games to win and we didn’t come up tonight. No one to blame but ourselves.  The great thing is you can always look forward. Right now it’s tough, but we have to do that because it’s got to be better than this. It’s got to be better than this.”