Dominic Kinnear reflects on career of Sir Alex Ferguson

News broke overnight that Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the most successful managers that world football has seen, has stepped down as manager of Manchester United. So who better to reflect on one of the most successful managers in European football than one of the most successful managers in American soccer? We caught up with Dominic Kinnear to get his thoughts on the career of Sir Alex. What are your thoughts on the career of Sir Alex Ferguson?
Dominic Kinnear: Well he was not only successful at Manchester United, he won the Winner's Cup with Aberdeen in 1983. You could say he is the best manager of modern football. His record speaks for himself, as does the list of players he has coached and the longevity he has had at one club

HD: What about Ferguson's career stands out to you?
DK: Well, I don't think it's easy to coach superstars all the time. When you look at the amount of respect people have for him around world football, when he has those players come in, they automatically play as hard as anybody. Also, Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and for a guy to withstand the pressure all those years and be successful, year after year, it’s probably the most impressive managerial career you could look at.

HD: Is there one accomplishment in his career that stands out to you?
DK: For me, it's when he managed Aberdeen and they beat Real Madrid in the Winner's Cup. That was impressive because a small club, like Aberdeen, was able to beat Real Madrid over two legs. When you see the great players that have played for him and the way they talk about him, you know he’s done something special.