Houston Dynamo

Houston Dynamo let loose with soccer tennis tournament

The Houston Dynamo may have gotten their first preseason games under their belt on Saturday night, but the competitive juices kept flowing into Sunday morning’s training.

After some stretching and games of 5v2, the players gathered in teams of three for an informal soccer tennis tournament. The games got heated with plenty of trash talking, and in the end the team of Agus, Boniek García, and José Escalante were crowned champions.

“Feels normal. We knew we were the champions, Boniek, myself, and José,” Agus said. “We’re the most experienced in soccer tennis, so it was only normal that we’d be the champions.”

Their title didn’t come without allegations, especially their championship match opponents.

“They cheated,” Christian Lucatero said, “but since they’re older they got away with it. Their first two points, right away Agus called them out when they were inside. But they’re hardheaded.”

Agus wasn’t hearing it. “What happened was we got to the final against Luca, Memo [Rodriguez], and George [Malki] and it was the worst match of them all. We won 6-0.

“I don’t think they were second best, they were the worst. We got the worst team for the final. It was easy.”

Regardless of the outcome, the games were a chance for players to let loose for a bit during preseason while stretching out the legs from the game the night before.

“I think it’s good to have these, good to have a laugh and just joke around with each other, just have fun out there rather than taking it serious 24/7,” Lucatero said. “I thought it was a good day out here with the team.”