5 Reasons why you should catch "The Suffers" this Sunday

In case you haven't already purchased your tickets to see The Suffers perform before the March 6 home opener against the New England Revolution, we've provided five reasons why you should get your Bud Light Beer Garden tickets today (along with the evidence to back our claims):

1. Their diversity as a group reflects the diversity of Houston itself. This recent article in Houston Press puts it best, "They're so Houston that they're defiant. [They] care not for preconceived notions of what a band should look or sound like. Visually, they're a glimpse of what Houston has always been - black, white, Hispanic."

2. Like a soccer team, the group takes many different pieces and creates one cohesive unit. According to an earlier article from NPR.org, The Suffers are "[a] 10-piece funk band...[which] has been on a lot of 'musicians to watch' lists lately: Horns, guitars, percussion, keys, all led by the sultry, smoky, soaring vocals of Kam Franklin."

3. Their musical journey speaks for itself. The Suffers have paid their dues and the fruits of their labors are evident. As stated in this piece by Houston Press, "After selling out Fitzgerald's...backing almost every Houston rap star you ever heard of before a massive crowd at Free Press Summer Fest 2015; and killing three songs on The Daily Show...it's safe to say The Suffers have arrived."

4. This performance speaks for itself.

5. As does this one.